What’s a Good Bounce Rate?

bounce rate

Your website’s bounce rate tells an important story about how well your site is functioning and whether the content is meeting the needs of your visitors. At Sortifiable, we review bounce rate data on a regular basis with our clients and offer recommendations when we believe changes are necessary.

What Is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is the ratio of single-page sessions compared to total sessions, expressed as a percentage. That is to say, the percentage of visitors who immediately navigate away from your site after viewing a single page.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might “bounce” from your site without going beyond the first page they see. Typically, those reasons indicate some kind of problem with the site. Visitors may leave your site if there are design, navigation, content, search or general usability issues. In some instances the landing page provides the visitor with the information he or she needed, and there is no discerning reason to continue browsing your site. Although nothing is intrinsically wrong with your site, these instances represent opportunities to improve content or create calls to action that tempt visitors to further explore your website.

What’s a Good Bounce Rate?

Clients and other people we speak to often ask what a good bounce rate is. Although there is no strict definition of a good or bad bounce rate, there some general ranges that can indicate whether a site is functioning well or needs immediate attention.

bounce rate bands

Set Your Own Baseline

You’re never really going to know the bounce rates of other sites, so don’t spend time worrying about it. Instead, spend some time establishing a baseline and then implement a plan to improve upon it over a set period of time. Be realistic, aim for 5-10% improvements at a time unless you’re starting out with a bounce rate above 70%. The most important thing to consider when planning changes is the visitor and their intent. If you attract the right visitor and give them appropriate content, you should start to see a better bounce rate.

Are you struggling with a high or low bounce rate and need help figuring out how to get back on track? We can help you understand where the problems are and provide a roadmap for addressing them.