What’s a Good Bounce Rate?

bounce rate

Your website’s bounce rate tells an important story about how well your site is functioning and whether the content is meeting the needs of your visitors. At Sortifiable, we review…

Is Adwords Right for Your Business?


Google Adwords is a powerful advertising product that offers businesses an opportunity to target and reach a select audience. Given that Google claims about 75% of web users, Adwords is…

Web & eCommerce Solutions

In today’s global economy, there are not too many businesses that can afford to be without a web presence and a social media profile. But setting up a site, designing…

Technology Solutions by Sortifiable

Small Business Technology Solutions

We are really excited to present Sortifiable, a new approach to small business technology solutions. Why Sortifiable? Because we have access to tools and extensive knowledge to help your business…

We’ve Launched! Yay For Us!

After six months of planning, developing business plans, filing paperwork, reviewing web site design specs, and more than our fair share of coffee – we are officially open for business!