Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

At Sortifiable, we offer our clients a fully comprehensive website maintenance service. Our top priority is, and always will be, ensuring you reap the benefits of an up-to-date website while controlling costs and risks.

Why You Need Regular Website Maintenance

Your website is the first impression that customers have to your business, so you want to make sure that it is up-to-date and relevant. A poorly maintained website with broken links, errors, dead pages and outdated information can cause your business to decline. It’s also important to keep pace with changing technology – software requires updates and patches, standards change and designs evolve. A robust website maintenance process will ensure that your website keeps up with accepted standards and practices.

Based on our collective experience, we understand that a well maintained website with fresh content keeps customers coming back. If your business has something new to offer, it is important to have it updated on your website so that customers are aware of it.

Did you know that search engines give higher rankings to to websites that are updated regularly? If you or someone in your organization is not maintaining your site, you won’t have a high ranking on search results and you will miss the opportunity to attract potential customers.

How Our Process Works

We typically start a website maintenance service with a free consultation where, through an open dialogue and series of questions, we identify your ideal end state and develop an understanding of your existing website structure, content, and target audience.

Once we have a clear idea about what it is you are looking for, we will put together a proposal that outlines the website maintenance services we will provide, along with an estimate of cost. Should you decide to accept our proposal, we will assign one of our experienced website maintenance engineers to work with you from that point forward. Your website maintenance engineer is your point of contact from start to finish and you can expect them to take care of:

Regular Updates

By regularly updating your business website with the latest plugins and code we help you ensure that your visitors will receive a consistent experience no matter how much, or how fast, internet technology changes. Your company’s online presence is strengthened by knowing that you have a working business website that is being backed up and maintained.

Security and Backups

Our websites are developed on the latest CRM platforms. These platforms are always changing and require consistent and regular updates, patches and fixes to ensure security. Additionally, we produce offline backups for our clients to ensure that precious business information is never lost.

Easy Updates

All of our website maintenance plans include our ability to quickly implement changes for you to your content or structure of your website at any time.  We give business owners the tools to manage this process themselves, or we can provide the service directly so that no matter what content needs to be added or taken down in a hurry, we are always available to help.

Support Services

Some businesses are not as far up the technology ladder as others. We help you level the playing field, with Sortifiable as a partner, you can have expert technology support at your disposal whenever you need it. There is no room for guessing when your business is on the line.

If this sounds like the kind of service you’re looking for, drop us a note using the form on the contact us page or reach out to us by phone or email.