Is Adwords Right for Your Business?


Google Adwords is a powerful advertising product that offers businesses an opportunity to target and reach a select audience. Given that Google claims about 75% of web users, Adwords is an easy way to reach new customers. It takes only a few minutes to setup, select a few relevant keywords, establish a budget, and away you go. Adwords even does all the hard work, deciding when and where to place your ad.

But is it right for your business?

Paying for Clicks

With Adwords you’re paying for clicks. Every time someone clicks through one of your ads to your website, it costs you. Depending on the adword you select, you could pay upwards of $5 per click. If you operate on a limited budget, that can really limit the number of times your ad appears, the effectiveness of your campaign and the return on your investment.

Limited Scope for Creativity

Adwords places limits on the number of characters in the headline (25) and accompanying lines of text (35 each). The restriction means that you need to put a lot of effort into creating snappy headlines, keywords, and a call-to-action. That can be quite difficult to achieve with such limited amount of text. Choosing words and phrases very carefully is extremely important if your business is going to get a return from Adwords.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

Adwords is a marketing service with all the bells and whistles that a business might want. It’s so easy to create an ad, set it to run and then forget all about it. And if that ever happens, your business could end up getting hit with expensive advertising bills.

Then there’s Google’s indexing algorithms. They get updated on a regular basis, but generally always elevate sites with new and quality content while penalizing sites with older homepages, broken links and typo’s.

It’s important for all Adwords users to carefully manage their campaigns in tandem with their business’ website, ensuring that updates to one do not inadvertently harm the other.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Google may be the largest search engine, but does your target audience use it to find what they need? There are advantages to using broad and narrow focused search keywords, in addition to a range of qualifiers and modifiers that you can explore. But the reality is that for some markets, Adwords may not be the right fit. There are other ad tools in addition to the many social media platforms that can help your business connect to new customers.

Before investing in an Adwords campaign, do some research on your audience and how to effectively reach them. It could turn out that there are better ways to effectively reach theme.

Are you thinking of embarking on an Adwords campaign? We can help you understand your options and make the most appropriate choices for your business.